Odoo is modern and fully integrated ERP business application, which scales to business needs of all company sizes.

Over 10 000+ applications. Odoo covers all your needs - with one platform. No several interfaces are needed between softwares as all Odoo applications are perfectly integrated. You can fully automatize your business processes.

Perfect scalability and top notch user experience. The open source model of Odoo allows it to evolve fast. Usability improvements will automatically apply to all integrated apps. All apps are very easy to use and they have over 50 language versions. Odoo is user friendly - over 4 million users can not be wrong!

Odoo ERP benefits

User friendly

Easy to use solution.  


Deployment of new solutions according to your need. 


Dashboards and easily adjusted reports. 


eBusiness solution

Paperless, modern operating model.  

Machine learning

Automatized business processes. 

Fast deployment

Go live efficiently. 

This is how Odoo ERP functions:

Odoo basic apps cover following themes: 

- websites/eCommerce 
- Sales management   
- Financial management   
- ERP   
- Production   
- HR   
- Marketing   
 - Communications

In addition to this Odoo offers thousands of apps to complement the app to cover all your needs.

See the video about comprehensive app collection.