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Heikkiläntie 7 A, 2krs

00210 Helsinki

+358 40 675 9644


Jukka Saarikko

Senior Advisor

Jukka has a long experience of management, board work and consulting duties. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), optimization of competitive advantage, rehabilitation process and change management are Jukka’s core competence areas. He is known of his strong, positive actions and quick decisions with intelligent information.

+358 500 634 524


Anne Sutela

Senior Financial Advisor

Anne has experience in years of financial management and principal duties. Cash management, the factors influencing in cash, implementation and creating the forecasting procedure are Anne’s core competence areas. She is systematic, efficient and precise ”Cash guardian”.

+358 50 572 0030


Niko Laine

Project Manager, Solution Consultant
Polytechnic Graduate, KLT accountant

Niko has 15 years working experience of electrical financial administration, reporting and finance projects in Finland and Luxemburg. The overall insight of financial administration, implementation and training the financial software and versatile international experience are Niko’s strengths. He is systematic and efficient, a positive millennial.


Nelli Sutela

Financial Assistant
Business college student

Nelli is capable of handling the daily routines of financial administration. Her enthusiasm, activity and fast learning give her the capacity to grow solution specialist in near future. Proactivity and positivity makes the co-operation with Nelli fluent and nice.

+358 40 675 9644


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