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Revise Oy is a company founded in 2016 and owned by the operating management. Jukka Saarikko, PhD and Anne Sutela, M.Sc. founded the company after observing that global markets lacked an application for forecasting weekly-level cash flow. Even many large international companies still rely on Excel for making their cash flow forecasts. Discussions with stakeholder network indicated that there is no product on the market that can create 12 weeks’ rolling cash flow forecast and includes also other planning, forecasting and reporting needs in an easy-to-use, affordable package.

Revise EPM application is the first planning and reporting suite, that enables week-level cash flow forecasting with the help of a simple and straightforward process model. Revise EPM can be integrated to the customer’s other information systems (ERP, CRM, financial management systems, HRM systems etc.), since it is based on the Tabella Business Tools system (with already over 4000 users). Essentially, Revise is an ecosystem within ecosystem.

The operating philosophy of the company has been to construct into the system a standardized model that can be implemented quickly, and operates as a monthly subscription SaaS-based cloud service. Thanks to this model, modern tools can be offered to the client at an affordable price and with a short implementing time.  In this way, sales and profit forecasting becomes a part of the operational process of client companies; by starting with a simple model that can be expanded without limits when necessary. Revise Oy is developing its product continuously and publishes plug-in applications for client’s who wish to expand their system.

The company founders have long-standing experience on business planning and reporting, both from company management and financial management perspective. The solutions created during application development are aimed at providing all this experience for the benefit of client companies. The starting point for the development of Revise EPM application has been the needs of clients, and its plug-in applications are developed based on customer feedback.

Intelligent information for guiding the future of your business and optimizing competitiveness and cash flow.

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